Friday, 7 March 2014

Ghostly goings on...

Capturing your spirit?
It is of course a photographer's job to capture people forever. It enables us to hold onto happy memories when loved ones are no longer around. But maybe photographs really do capture a bit of your soul?
Being in such a well used old building it's impossible to feel the presence of all those who have walk up the stairs to the studio over the last 147 years.

Winter House does in fact have a very homely feel, a testament to being in the King family for so long, but there is the odd trace that we might not be alone. A few customers have seen a well dressed Victorian lady descending the staircase but the current team regularly experience the strong and unmistakeable smell of woodbines.

To old friends...
We like to think it is old Charlie - Charles Henry Barson, with woodbine in hand. Charlie worked at Winters as  photographer and print er from 1928 until his retirement in 1981. However, he remained a part of the team spending a day a week sorting through old negatives, using his knowledge and experience to identify people, places and dates.
In typical work mate banter he assured his colleagues that if there was an afterlife he would let them know. On returning to the office from his funeral in 1989, staff mused on where Charlie was now, and to the second an almighty bang came from the old postage scales as if a great weight had been dropped on them. There was no explanation for the noise so we like to think it was Charlie saying goodbye :-)

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