Friday, 16 May 2014


What could be more excitable than discovering something new?

Uncovering something old!
The Heritage Lottery Fund Bid went in on 8 May and there is an eight week or less countdown to the result. This has given us itchy feet and we keep tinkering here and there with the old secretary's room at the back of the office, which we hope to transform into a work space for digital archiving.
Well, a little poke and here and a little tap there has uncovered A SECRET DOOR!!
Firstly - we have checked and it doesn't go to Narnia, but needless to say it is to us part of the wonderland that is Winter's.
It's relatively small - 6 feet in height, standard width (as you can see in the photo, half the door is still in hiding) has glass panels and is painted in a light green. It has been covered up until this week by insulation board; we wouldn't have know it was there but for some rummaging and tidying.
It would have led from the secretary's office to the storeroom where the safe was kept. Personally I can't wait until its is completely uncovered just to find out if it makes a really good creaking sound.

And of course, whoever blocked the door off had the marvelous forethought to stuff the gaps around it with newspaper: The Daily Express, Saturday April 18 1970. I'm looking forward to reading the cartoons!

Can't wait to tell you what we find next :-)

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