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Are you related to Walter William Winter?

As part of our heritage research we are tracing the descendants of W. W. Winter and his families and we would love to hear from you!
Here is some of the information that we have:

Charles Family Lineage

Walter William Winter married Sarah Charles (nee Ball) in 1864. Sarah had three children with her first husband Emmanuel Nicolas Charles, who founded the photography studio that Winter took over after Charles' death.Sarah and Emmanuel were survived by their eldest son Alexis Leon Charles (b.1851), who himself had a son, Alexis Amand Dallison Charles (b. 1876).
Are you a descendant of the Charles family line? Please let us know!
You can see an image of the Charles family grave at Nottingham Road cemetery in Derby on flickr at

Winter Family Lineage

After Sarah's death in 1883, Winter got married again to Hannah Ness Ruddle (b.1855-d.1930) in 1889 with whom he emigrated to Canada after 1909. We are currently exploring their time in Canada. We think they appear on the 1921 census in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and may be buried in the churchyard of St Mary's in Metchosin.
Do you know anymore?

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Do let us know if you have any bits of info regarding Sarah and Emmanuel's descendants, or Walter and Hannah's. We would love to know if any of them carried on in the family tradition.

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